101 uses of a sachet


Since Greenleaf created the original scented sachet in 1975, it has been our signature source of fragrance! In three different sizes – Large, Slim, and Small – the sachet can fragrance rooms, closets, offices, vehicles, storage, pet areas and more! See our list below for 101 ways to use your sachet.

Closets & Clothing

Place your sachet...

1. in shoe boxes or on the radiator in your boot room (even add to stinky tennis shoes!)

2. in sock drawers.

3. with scarves.

4. in hat boxes.

5. in knit gloves while stored, so they smell sweet when worn.

6. in coat closets.

7. with seasonal clothing when storing (you can even choose fragrance to match the season)

8. in storage totes

9. in your garage or basement.

10. with fishing or camping supplies.

11. in storage buildings/units.

12. in your toolbox or tool shed.

13. under the kitchen sink.

14. clip to front or top of refrigerator with a Greenleaf sachet magnet.

15. in rubbish bins.

16. in a box of recipe cards.

17. on your wine rack.

18. simmer contents with a little water in a simmering pot or warmer.

19. in a drawer or dressing table.

20. with your hair accessories or products.

21. behind the toilet.

 22. uner the bathroom sink.

23. with towels.

 24. in toilet paper roll fixture bar (hide a Small Sachet envelope in bar so, when it spins, you get fresh scent!

25. inside your duvet cover or slip into sheets.

 26. under your mattress or bed.

27. place on guest bed as a sweet welcome.

28. on small easels, choosing Greenleaf artwork to match your décor.

29. in your linen closet.

30. in hampers or near dirty clothes baskets.

31. in your laundry room.

32. under your welcome mat.

33. on your front porch, when company is expected.

34. in  wreath on your door.

35. in your umbrella stand.

36. in silk flower arrangements.

37. in your magazine rack.

38. in baskets with blankets.

39. in a hope chest.

40. under sofa or chair pillows.

 41. beeath chairs, sofas, or other seating.

42. in any “musty” nook or cranny.

 43. insmoky areas or near ashtrays.

44. in any space that has fire or water damage.

45. in your boot room.

46. in air vents/filter.

47. on radiators or vents with Greenleaf sachet magnets.

 48. onceiling fans by hanging from a ribbon or hook.

49. in trash cans: slide between can and trash bag.

50. in homes “for sale” to provide a welcome scent.

51. in vacuum compartment or bag (when in use, the vacuum will warm and radiate the scent throughout the house.

52. in your gym or golf bag.

53. in the locker room.

54. in your home gym or workout area.

55. with sports equipment.

56. under car seats and mats.

57. in your car boot.

58. in the car visor.

59. on your rearview mirror using Greenleaf's car sachet.

60. in the glove box or car door pocket.

61. in luggage/suitcase.

62. in your hotel rooms.

63. in your holiday home (and leave behind as a gift!

64. on boats, pontoons, caravans and RVs.

65. near pet beds or pet crates.

66. near litter box.

 67. in dog house.

 68. in the nappy disposal bin.

 69. beneath child’s car seat.

70. in your pushchair, tucked in pocket storage.

71. in your classroom desk.

72. in your child's college or summer school package.

73. in your school locker.

74. in your backpack.

 75. in dorm rooms.

76. in laptop bags.

 77. in your office or cubicle.

78. in desk drawers and file cabinets.

79. in your briefcase.

80. behind your computer.

81. in office storage room that houses paper and supplies.

82. in gift baskets.

 83. ashostess or teacher gifts.

84. as housewarming gifts (one for every room!)

85. as gift tag or topper.

86. to fragrance a party area.

87. in love notes.

88. with cards and stationery.

89. on Christmas trees or arbor during outdoor parties.

90. as shower and wedding favors.

91. in wedding bouquets.

 92. inflower arrangements, vases, and centerpieces.

93. in artificial trees, garlands or wreaths.

 94. onChristmas trees by adding ribbon to use as tree decorations.

95. in Christmas stockings.

 96. in holiday or greeting cards.

97. with holiday decorations when in storage.

98. with your artificial Christmas tree when in storage.

99. in your Mother's Day gift.

100. in Easter baskets.

 101. with a gift inside the wrapping.