Notes Home Fragrance

We are fragrance designers who take your home very seriously. We want to help you set the perfect mood. That’s why we go for top quality.

It’s what we do.

All day.

Every day.

We create, we innovate, we manufacture. We want it to be perfect for you. To feel exactly right. Just as you want it.


On the fragrance scale, there are three variants of notes. Top notes are the first thing you smell and often form the initial impression of a fragrance. However, as time passes, the fragrances evaporate. You can then slowly start to scent the deeper notes: the middle and base notes. We understand that these notes might be just as important as the initial top note and therefore handpick the middle and base notes with the utmost precision and knowhow.

These three notes combined create the perfect fragrance. On our packaging, we have described all the notes for you from top to bottom, as with our XC Fragrance, for example: